Bill Collins (bill_in_germany) wrote,
Bill Collins

How it all started

For the last few months, there has been talk of sending me to Munich for a 1-2 week business trip. First it was to support a project that was soon canceled. Then, it was to support another project that was also canceled.

One day, my boss said "How would you like to go to Germany for a longer stay?" I said "How long?" He said "TBD"

Its shaping up to be a trip for the whole summer, to work on a project in Munich that is understaffed, and bring back experience with software and hardware platforms that we will be using here in RTP this fall.

As of today, the manager in Munich expects me to start work on Monday, but his admin has yet to contact me to set up the travel details!

I will go to Munich whenever it all comes together, return to the US May 30 to spend a few weeks with my son, then return to Munich for the summer. (of course, it may not all come together by May 30)
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