Bill Collins (bill_in_germany) wrote,
Bill Collins


I went to a real grocery store yesterday. Here are a few random notes on things I noticed:

-There's a bigger variety of bread than I usually see in the US. (They even have "American Sandwich" bread.

-McDonalds sells their own brand of ketchup, complete with the golden arches on the label.

-Ketchup seems to come in a lot of different varieties. (so does mustard, at least I think it was mustard i bought....)

-You have to pay a 1 Euro deposit to get a shopping cart. (and you don't see carts scattered everywhere) (I almost wrote "all over the parking lot", but there wasn't one.

-Most product sizes are small (of course, so are the kitchens)

-No cheddar cheese.

-Prices are lower than in the US.
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