Bill Collins (bill_in_germany) wrote,
Bill Collins


Yesterday was an interesting day at work. After a day of asking questions and looking at code, I figured out what I'm supposed to be doing! (at least the first part, that they want done by mid June) I think its a reasonable amount of work for the time available.

Just getting to work was a bit of an adventure. When I arrived on Thursday, I took a taxi to work. Friday, the Sony Ericsson shuttle was at the train station, so I rode it to work (it stopped on a different side of the building, but that was a minor problem)

Monday, the public bus arrived before the shuttle, to I decided to give it a try. I realized after I got on that I knew the bus number I needed (so I was at least on the right bus), but I didn't know the stop name. I looked for my stop, but the bus stop outbound was on a different street than the stop to catch the bus to the train station. I ended up riding the bus to the end of the line (not very far), finding out that the driver didn't speak english (and I don't speak German), and riding back after the driver decided I wasn't going to get off the bus. I found the stop on the return trip. (and found it correctly this morning too) It only cost me about 15 minutes.

I do have a backup plan in case I get lost. Munich has an extensive network of trains (S-Bahn), subway (U-Bahn), trams, and busses. The tram and bus stops have a map showing what S-Bahn and/or U-Bahn stations they stop at. The stations all have maps of the entire S and U systems. So, all I have to do is find ANY S or U Bahn station and I'm on my way.
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