Bill Collins (bill_in_germany) wrote,
Bill Collins

First weekend in Munich

Saturday morning, I got out the map and figured out how to get to the English Gardens. (it turned out to be easy, I just took the S-Bahn train one stop to the west, then took the tram to the gardens. While I was wandering around, I got a call from Joerg (a friend of a friend). He had the weekend off work and wanted to spend it showing me around Munich. He helped me find some things in the grocery store, then we drove around and saw some of the city. On Sunday, walked around the city center, took in the view from the top of a church bell tower (after climbing 14 flights of stairs!) and then drove around the countryside, exploring some places that he had never been to. At one point, we ended up in Austria.

Today at work I finally have the computer environment set up so I can really start working.
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